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The Elite Ranters

because we're cool enough to get banned

Elite Icon Rants.
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Yeah, that's right! It's icon_rants , the community for those banned from the original so that we can still rant about bad icons, bad tutorials, bad icon communities, etc. You get the deal. Hell, you can even join if you aren't banned and you just don't enjoy living under a dictatorship.

Because I don't ban people for the hell of it unless they've done something against me personally, I will warn someone to shut up and stop misbehaving before I ban. First time you break the rules is a warning; second time suspension; third time ban. Simple as that.


1.) If you're a maintainer over at iconrants , you don't belong here. Why? Because you banned us. Or at the very least pissed us off.

2.) Be nice. By this, I mean don't go and bitch about the community to other people because we're copying off of someone else's. The reason we copied off of them is because we can't post in the community before - simple.

3.) Don't make random posts. That is, keep everything on topic to the community. Pimping icon-related communities is fine as long as you contact fizzy_pepsi for permission first (see the only public entry? yeah, comment on that one if you want to pimp). Just like the original community, we don't allow constant pimping of the same community, and please don't whore out your icon journal.

4.) All posts must be friends locked. Also, don't hotlink.

5.) Don't edit out a rant just because people disagree. You can, however, edit your own posts. Disabling comments isn't allowed, nor is deleting other people's comments. That's just rude. This is one case where you will be either banned or suspended no matter what.

6.) This is not _retarded_icons . Meaning? I don't want to see random links to a user's profile just because you think their icons are retarded.

7.) Links to entries in personal communities and icon journals ARE allowed if you're ranting about them. Hurrah!

8.) If your icon is ranted about, don't whine and hold a grudge against the poster.

9.) Please try to keep away from ranting about ugly icons all the time... that's what ugly_icons is for! However, ugly icon rants ARE allowed. It'll just get annoying if that's all that is ranted about.

10.) Don't post tutorials, questions about icons, questions about your program, or show off your icons. Needless to say, you should know better where to post those sort of things.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact fizzy_pepsi in her public entry. But don't troll her, all right?

Other mods will be added as seen fit. *thumbs up*